Meet the Artists and Crafters 2022

Jane Kinzler Anthony

Handweaving by Jane Anthony

Jane creates beautiful, original handwoven pillows, placemats, table runners, rugs, and vests.

Anne and David Clark

Ann creates stunning stained glass panels, plates, and coasters. David makes wooden signs.

Annette Reed

Annette hand knits exquisite scarfs and shawls.

Duane Karlen

Duane creates unique handmade woodwork including mirrors, boxes, serving boards, and miscellaneous items

Lois McMahon

Starboard Cove Creations

Lois sews and knits whimsical creations.

Karyn Knueven

Karyn creates handcrafted soap and soy candles in upcycled glass.

Rebecca Livingston

Rebecca creates unique mixed media art.

Marsha Morrow

Marsha creates beautiful functional pottery.

Christine Lederman

Bead Therapy

Christine crafts jewelry made from rubber, polymer clay, wire, glass and semi-precious stones.

Elaine Throm

Angel Lane

Elaine fashions logo college and sport angel ornaments, personal accessories, such as cases for eyeglasses, cellphones, checkbooks, luggage locators (logo and generic), pooch pouches and leash luggage; as well as knitted novelty hats.

Andy Gallagher

Andy creates handcrafted wood products. His combination of intricate carvings and beautiful wood result in amazing works of art.

Martha Bechtel

Martha makes a variety of resin, plaster, and wooden animal magnets and ornaments.

Kathi Eanes and Donna Chronister

Kathi and Donna create acrylic flow art, beautiful seasonal floral creations and adorable gnomes.

Joette Dorosheff

With you in Mind

Joette crafts seasonal wreaths, sports and college wreaths and Williamsburg styled0 door hangings.